Heritage Centre Compton

The Compton was one of a small group of organs specified by Harold Ramsey for Union Cinemas, referred to as a ‘Compton Special’. The Davenport instrument, although for a ‘non-circuit’ cinema comprises pipe ranks and components that were clearly destined for installation in other cinemas when the factory ‘A’ numbers was allocated during manufacture. The keyboards and Tuba (Tromba) are marked up A385 planned for the Ritz Nuneaton, the Flute and Metal Tibia for the Regal York, Diapason from the Regal Harrogate and the Tibia polyphones for the Ritz Warrington. The diverse range of originally planned instruments from which the Davenport Compton was derived rather suggests that it was put together in a foreshortened lead-time; perhaps indicating that it was ordered after construction of the cinema had commenced.