The Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust

LTOT Presentations at Stockport Town Hall 


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All at 2-30pm unless otherwise stated  -  9.00  -  LTOT Members 7.00




March 24th   Phil Kelsall

June 9th   Howard Beaumont

September 22nd   David Gray

December 1st   Gordon Cree


                  SMBC Monthly Lunchtime Presentations 12-00 noon - 2.20.   

Prices subject to increase April 2019        



Monday 28th January Nicholas Martin

Monday  29th July

Kevin Morgan
Monday 25th February Peter Jebson Monday 30th September David Lobban
Monday 25th March David Ivory Monday 28th October Stephen Austin
Monday 15th April Nigel Ogden Monday 25th November Kevin Grunill
Monday  20th May Cancelled Monday 16th December Andrew Nix
Monday 24th June

David Lowe